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  • Trade Show Booth Design
  • Fabrication

Interbike Tradeshow Booth

Dainese was looking to create a trade show booth that would bring a more consistent presentation of the products to the US market. Exhibiting at multiple shows within the industry meant that they would need a booth that could be reconfigured to fit within different footprints. 

Humid Creative Agency - Dainese Tradeshow Booth
Humid Creative Agency - Dainese Tradeshow Booth

We developed a booth experience that drew its inspiration from Dainese’s visual identity, product design language, and photography. The booth featured high walls with angled edges and offset surfaces for individual product stories, defined space for meetings and product line presentations, and an overhead archway with product display and branded video content.

Our team worked directly with Dainese’s marketing team to develop and manage the overall strategy for the booth from concept to fabrication.

Humid Creative Agency - Dainese Skier