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Launch Video

A local university launches a new program to blend disciplines under one roof and now they have a promo video to give it all of the attention it deserves.

Philadelphia University launched the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce in 2012 to foster a new style of curriculum that teaches a multidisciplinary approach to students. This approach to education exposes students to the rigors that the highest end of the business world demands and expects from emerging designers and engineers. PhilaU chose Humid to board, shoot and edit a launch video to coincide with the announcement of the innovative DEC building.

Humid Creative Agency Philadelphia University Building

As with most types of documentary style video work, the largest obstacle for this project was coordinating timing and availability to get all of the interview spots completed with professors and administrators amidst a busy academic schedule and summer break session.

Humid Creative Agency Philadelphia University Class

We continually returned to the brief, which was set out during our planning and discovery phase, to guide the scope, timing and style of the project. We relied on our storyboards to establish the creative style of the video, key angles and interviews as we headed into production. Post-production was on an aggressive timeline in order to get the video ready for a fall opening party.

The final launch video set the scene for the inspiration behind the innovative DEC platform for education. The team at PhilaU was thrilled with the quality of the video and that it presented the ambition and aim of their new building.

Philadelphia University launched the DEC program to create a new breed of students who are exposed to a multidisciplinary approach that is required at the highest end of the business world

Humid Creative Agency Philadelphia University Video Screenshot
Humid Creative Agency Philadelphia University Center